Polycover now offer dedicated telephone support to provide free and professional advice on matters related to our products and services.polythene weight calculator

Examples of when to use us for support:

  • You have a box and would like a polythene liner to fit inside but do not know what size of liner to use.
  • You have an unusual object that you would like to cover and want the cheapest method but best fit product.
  • You’re being asked to source an item that you don’t fully understand and would like some info on it.
  • Your application is unique and you would like expert advise on packaging materials suitable for your application.
  • You would like the theoretical weight of an item or would like to know the best way it could be packed.  We will be ready with our calculators to give you weights or product information instantly, over chat so you don’t have to wait!
    Alternatively download our Polythene Weight Calculator
  • You need help working out what size bag is best for a particular volume.
    Download our Polythene Bag Volume Calculator

For your one to one polythene support experience, please call 01253 340190 or email us to request a call back.

Are you paying too much?

Why not let us work out ways of saving you money without having to commit to large qtys? We have specialist materials available which will allow you to buy lighter materials but save money and not compromise on quality. Please get in touch and we will be glad to help you save more money.

Product Design Service

If you are considering a new product and not sure what size or style you need then we can help. If you require print on your new product then we can mock up samples with print to demonstrate what your product would look like. If you would like more info then please get in touch with us.

Sample Testing

Send in your samples and we will gladly provide specifications for them and up to date prices. If you wish we can also provide cost saving alternatives saving you in some cases upto 50{70a0e3f5be0614c32f06f2b143c7b24c02c020ab47ae35d64124c65011b437d3} on your current spend.  If you have a lot of samples, let us know and we will send in our parcel courier to collect.