PolyCover provides packaging services mainly to the UK but in July 2013 started exporting polythene and plastic products to Brazil and Africa, then in 2015 to Malaysia and the USA.  The relationship we have with some of our clients has existed for over 20 years which is a testament to our professional services.  Our clients are mainly packaging merchants but we do also supply end users.

We have links with a wide range of industries in the UK from Food Manufacturing to Chemical & Waste Processors.  The size of these businesses range from sole traders to global corporations. We can turn our hands to almost anything that is packaging related, from small box liners to sophisticated projects that take months to pull together.  The majority of our suppliers are located in the UK but we also have parts specialists in Germany, Holland, Spain and China.  We acknowledge that the special bond we have with our suppliers is key to sustaining the level of satisfaction that our clients expect.

Polythene Products

  • General sale of polythene products.
  • Sample testing and evaluation.
  • Cost Saving Advice
  • Product Design Service – Free sample manufacturing for verification of new sizes.
  • Specification report writing.
  • Certificate of conformity with every delivery if required.
  • Technical Support for new product development.
  • Dedicated Technical Support.
  • Client side support.
  • Direct deliveries – For merchants who want their goods delivered direct to end users, we can tailor our label, pallet card and delivery note templates to look like the goods have been manufactured by the merchant, by adding their logos to the designs.

If you have any questions about our services then we would love to hear from you.  Please contact us and we will be glad to help.