VCI film and paper which is supplied by Polycover Ltd has an expected storage & use lifespan of up to 2 years if the following guidelines are followed:

Storage conditions for VCI film & paper

Lifespan of VCI film is heavily dependent upon the degradation rate of the polymer matrix. To maximise this life span, recommended storage conditions of the film are as follows:

  • Film should be stored at an ambient temperature and kept away from sources of heat. Exposure of natural daylight should be avoided as this will accelerate the degradation rate of the polymer. VCI film should be completely contained or wrapped as the high vapour pressure of the material will result in accelerated exhaustion of the product if not hermetically sealed.
  • VCI paper should be stored in the same manner as the film. Extra care should be afforded to keep the material dry due to the hydrophilic nature of paper in general.

Storage conditions for materials packed in VCI film & paper

All metal parts should be packed dry and at ambient temperature. Film bags should be hermetically sealed to avoid moisture ingress. Where applicable, desiccants should be used. All VCI materials should be used only once, as once exposed to the atmosphere, the high vapour pressure removes the monomolecular layer of VCI particles from the metals surface. The VCI in the film or paper is then left heavily depleted.
The above guidelines are non-exhaustive and further direction in packaging specifications to maximise the efficiency, lifespan and corrosion resistant characteristics of VCI film & paper may be required.