VCI Pallet Covers – Block Bottom Covers

We supply a wide range of VCI materials converted into VCI Pallet Covers and alike.  Pallet covers double up as pallet liners also.  Our VCI Pallet covers are available in gusseted, side weld and block bottom formats.  (To understand these terms please get in touch and request a copy of our Cover formats and styles guide.) VCI Pallet Covers can be made up to 5 metre high and limitless on width so if you want to wrap a new bullet train or coach then we can do it!

The block bottom options (also known as box shaped liners/covers) are particularly useful to prevent product entrapment, such as filling boxes with ball bearings or small springs, the block shaped bottom doesn’t have any pockets as found with gusset bags and are ideal for fitting snug inside boxes.

VCI Pallet Covers are very useful when used as liners for packing numerous metal objects into one box or even just wrapping a single item.  VCI Pallet Covers are very easy to use as they can be sealed around the bottom once they have covered an object. One way entry and closure means there’s no risk of the other end becoming exposed and rendering the VCI useless.

To see a table of VCI types, please see our VCI Polythene page.

VCI-Pallet Covers