Valve Sacks

Polycover Ltd are supplier of polythene valve sacks, available in many formats but also printed or
plain. Valve sacks are used to pack powders and granules as they are easy to fill and close.  Commonly used on spout fillers, the valve sack is fit around the dispenser chute and once filled to the desired level, tipped upside down or laid flat.  The weight of the product inside helps keep the valve closed, eliminating the need to heat seal or stitch closed.

Most of the sacks we sell are bespoke, manufactured to each individual customers requirement. They are available with pin sizes air release holes and embossed strips to help prevent slipping when stacked.  They can also be supplied in any colour, with a variety of colours for the patch on the end.

Valve sack options:

  • Valve sacks allow easy filling and closure, no need for sealing closed
  • Available with a block bottom to help the sack stand when filled
  • Internal or External valves available.
  • Tuck in sleeve valve to hide away the valve once closed, providing additional security to the
  • Laminated and or printed to produce a glossy finish
  • Animal Feed Bags or Food produce bags
  • Recyclable or degradable options available

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