UV Stable Pallet Covers

UV stable pallet covers are made in shrink and non-shrink formats and have a UVI (Ultra Violet Inhibitor) additive to help prevent the material breaking down and becoming brittle in sun light.  Pallet covers without a UVI additive will not last more than 6 months in strong sun light, maybe less depending on the region in which they are used.

We are able to offer different levels of protection and advise how much UVI is needed in your pallet covers depending on where they are going to be used.  For example, if your pallet covers are going to be shipped to the Middle East, you will need more UVI additive than if the pallet covers were being used in Europe. Also, if your pallet covers are being used in the UK you can use a lot less additive than if they are going to be used in Spain.  Typical cost for 1{70a0e3f5be0614c32f06f2b143c7b24c02c020ab47ae35d64124c65011b437d3} UVI is approx. £40/tonne and we can offer UV protection up to 10 years.

You will be mistaken if you think the UVI additive protects the goods underneath the pallet cover.  The UV additive only stops the pallet cover itself from breaking down in sunlight and stops the cover from becoming brittle.  To protect the goods underneath the pallet cover you will need to mask them, either with an opaque material ideally White or Black.  Colours such as yellow, green and blue will fade relatively quickly and red will fade within a week.

Another masking method which could be used is Kraft paper.  Wrap your goods in Kraft paper before topping with a pallet cover.  The paper will not break down in sunlight and is less likely to retain the heat absorbed by the sun whereas White or Black opaque materials will absorb the heat more.  Black opaque material holds less heat than white whereas in other substrates white reflects the heat more than black.

If you would like to discuss your requirements in more detail then please call or email for advice.

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