Polythene Mailer Envelopes

We manufacture polythene mailer envelopes / polythene envelopes in a wide range of formats. Believe it or not, we can manufacture mailing envelopes small enough to hold a credit card or large enough to fit a garage door or king size mattress.

Our mailer envelopes are 100% fully recyclable and for non food contact polythene mailer envelopes we can supply made from 100% recycled materials.

Bespoke mailing envelopes are available with the following options:

  • Transparent clear material
  • Coloured material, translucent or opaque
  • Various grades of glue strip, from re-sealable to tamper evident. 6mm to 30mm.
  • 100% recycled or high clarity, high strength, high impact resistant materials
  • Perforation lines to aid opening
  • Double glue strips for mail order sending and return options.
  • Unprinted or printed up to 6 colours
  • Printed sequential numbers and barcodes.
  • Square base, box shaped envelopes. (Used to line boxes)
  • Machine cut options (Handle cut outs or tissue box style, tear away sections)
  • UN3373 outer transit packaging. (See below image)

If the item that you require is not listed here then please get in touch as we may well be able to manufacture it.

Making Polythene Mailers

Polythene Mailer Envelopes
UN3373 Cat B Outer Packaging
polythene mailer envelopes
pvc polythene mailing envelopes