Embossed Sacks and Bags

We are able to supply a range of embossed bags and embossed sacks for use in the food industry.  Embossed bags /sacks have two panels of embossed strips down each side of the bag and are made this way to help with stacking.  The embossed strips help prevent the bags from slipping.

Options for these bags include:

  • Blue inner and white outer co-extruded polythene. (Useful for identifying the polythene if it becomes a contaminant in white food stuffs such as flour or dough mixes.)
  • A single column of Microperfs in the gussets to allow air escape when stacking (But not allow any product to spill out.)
  • Printed or Plain

If you would like to know more about our range of embossed bags and embossed sacks, or to request samples then please get in touch.


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