Pallet Stretch Bands

Pallet stretch bands are designed to be used with polythene pallet covers and polythene sheets where it is not possible to use heat shrink covers.  The pallet stretch bands are applied to the pallet like huge elastic bands which then cling to the pallet and fix the cover in place.  These pallet stretch bands do not have the same elasticity as elastic bands as they are primarily made from polythene, with additives.  The bands are made to fit the common pallet size 120 x 100cm and will stretch, then return to their original size. It is possible to make other sizes of pallet band providing the relevant minimum order quantities are met.

Examples of when you might use a pallet band:

  • Any thickness pallet cover being applied then removed on a frequent basis, without the desire to use sticky tapes
  • Environments where it is not possible to use heat shrink guns for health and safety purposes.
  • Covering bulky miss-shaped items such as covering bulging bulk bags.

Our non-branded version of pallet stretch band is particularly popular with packaging merchants as it allows for resale without the risk of losing business down to end users googling the brand name and finding alternative suppliers.  If you are an end user then please get in touch as we may be able to offer you with some very interesting cost saving prices.

If you would like to request a sample then please get in touch