Pallet Bands

Also known as stretchbands, pallet stretch bands or pallet stabilisation bands.  Designed to be used to help prevent palletised goods becoming unstable whilst being moved.  These pallet bands are also useful for holding down pallet covers so that the cover can be easily removed at a later date without damaging the cover.

Key features:

  • Applied to FIBC/bulk bags because of their ability to stretch around bulging objects and return to their pre-stretched state.
  • Used with pallet top sheets to prevent the tops of pallet becoming dusty or by helping the pallet tops becoming shower proof when moving between buildings.
  • Used with poly covers in areas where it is not possible to use heat shrink pallet covers.
  • Applied to the pallet like huge elastic bands which then cling to the pallet and fix the cover in place.
  • Do not have the same elasticity as elastic bands as they are primarily made from polythene, with additives.
  • Supplied to fit the common pallet size 120 x 100cm and will stretch, then return to their original size.
  • It is possible to make other sizes of pallet band providing the relevant minimum order quantities are met.
  • Supplied in a handy dispenser box, containing 100 bands wound on a roll, they can be stored on a shelf out of the way or snug in the corner of your packing trolley.
  • Removed easily from the roll and torn away with the ‘perforated’ tear line.

Examples of when you might use stretchbands:

  • Any thickness pallet cover being applied then removed on a frequent basis, without the desire to use sticky tapes
  • Environments where it is not possible to use heat shrink guns for health and safety purposes.
  • Covering bulky miss-shaped items such as covering bulging bulk bags.

Our pallet stabilisation bands are non-branded and are fully recyclable like any of our polythene products.

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