Elasticated Polythene Covers

Elasticated polythene covers can be used to temporarily protect the tops of drums, bins, open boxes, dolavs and other various shaped containers.  The elasticated polythene cover helps prevent the risk of contamination when used in food environments but can also be used to prevent water damage on steel drums which are stored outside.  The fitting and removal of these covers is very easy, the elasticated edge helps the cover to cling to the top of the container.

Depending on your application these may be re-used which can also reduce cost.  Available in a variety of thicknesses, colours and sizes, these elasticated polythene covers can be manufactured to suit most requirements, manufactured as circular, rectangular and square sheets or shaped like a box.

There are many additives that can be placed into the polythene recipe, to help improve its performance.  We can add VCI, Anti Static, Anti Fog, Slip, Anti Block, UVI, or ANY SCENT/ODOUR.  These are just a few of the additives available but once we get to know your application then we can likely suggest suitable options.

One example recently made was 120 inches in diameter with a central 20 inch diameter cut out.  The central cut out circle was also fixed with elastic, closing to 8″ diameter.  The outer fixing of elastic allowed the cover to be fixed over the top of the drum and the inner cut out fixed with elastic allowed operatives to move a mixing device around the drum, without the need to remove the cover.

If you would like to request a hand fabricated sample, made specially to your individual requirements then please get in touch and we would be glad to send one out to you straight away.  Requests received before midday often arrive with you the next working day.

elasticated polythene cover
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