What is the purpose of Bulk Bags?


Bulk bags, or Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC) as they are actually known are large adjustable container bags that are used for various industrial purposes. They are usually made from woven polypropylene, which creates a thick durable bag that can hold over a tonne of industrial product while it is in storage or in transit. These bags can be tailored to the needs and requirements of the customer or industry that uses them. They are common sights on a building yard as the construction industry relies on them quite heavily. This is because of the vast amounts of benefits that using bulk bags brings when compared to their competition such as plastic totes or skips. They can be easily filled from the top and emptied from the bottom. The act of emptying a bulk bag is called discharging.


There are different types of bulk bags that can be adjusted to meet certain criteria. Do you need a large bulk bag to have a cone shape at the bottom to funnel its load downwards? Need them lined with foil to take advantage of volatile corrosion inhibitor technology (VCI)? Or have them vented so the contents can breathe? All these things can be added to bulk bags to make sure they suit the needs of the customer. They are intended for either safely storing or conveniently transporting large loads of granulated or small loose bits of product that need to be kept together and kept safe.


Like plastic totes they are recyclable but unlike their solid plastic counterparts once they are cracked they don’t need to be disposed of or become useless. Bulk bags are cheaper to produce than solid plastic totes therefore their loss and subsequent disposal is not such an issue. Skips have also been used in the past to store and transport large loads of industrial product but these are expensive to buy and rent. Owning skips also comes with its fair share of difficulties such as maintenance and longevity of the item.


Benefits of bulk bags:


Saving money

Using bulk bags is very economical in the long run. They are incredibly efficient in being filled and discharged. Where many storage products need to be emptied manually bulk bags can do this via their funnel attachments described above. This increase in efficiency reduces the manpower required when empting and filling the bag, saving money and time in the long run by allowing team members to focus on other more important tasks.  They also save money on shipping costs as skips and plastic totes are heavier. The lightweight nature of bulk bags means they are not only cheaper to ship in bulk, but once they are filled they are still far lighter than the alternatives.  Shipping industrial materials can be an expensive game, especially if the shipping costs are based on weight as they so often are. This alone for many companies is enough of a reason to start using bulk bags instead of what they used before.


Polypropylene is an easy substance to produce en mass as well as, ordering it in bulk is far cheaper than the alternatives meaning the budget normally allocated to funding, can be redirected to more pressing concerns for your business.


Environmentally friendly 

As touched on earlier, as bulk bags are made of woven polypropylene they are 100% recyclable. Any companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint or cultivate a more ecofriendly image will benefit by switching to bulk bags. Bulk bags can be reused if they are still in good condition and replacing them is not as costly as it would have been before switching to them.  When enquiring about bulk bags, indicate if you want a single use or multi trip grade product.


Save on warehouse/storage space

Ironically one of the difficult challenges that face those ordering storage items is finding somewhere to store it! This is especially true with large heavy plastic totes, wooden pallets and flimsy cardboard boxes. All of these need to be stacked, pulled apart or folded before they can be put away. Not only can this be time consuming for staff or team members, but for a functioning warehouse, which relies on utilising its space this can be disastrous. As bulk bags come folded up in small packages they are easily stored solving these issues instantly. Get as many as 200 -250 banded as a single bale takes up a single pallet space. Sometimes these can also be stacked.


Bulk bags are fully customisable

Bulk bags can be tailored to suit various requirements, here are a few examples


  • Food grade
  • Foil lined
  • Different colours
  • Static protected
  • Funnel spouts
  • Baffle/quad bags
  • Vented bags


For more information visit our Bulk Bags here and Bulk Bag Types page here to see these listed in more detail.


Suppliers of bulk bags also take individual requests on tailoring bulk bags should a customer have a specific requirement that needs to be met. Most alternatives when storing or transporting content do not have any of these customisable options.


Bulk bags are renowned for their durability

Woven polypropylene is built to hold heavy-duty industrial product as well as be moved around while storing it. This requires a storage product that is durable and made to last, sustaining minimal wear and tear. Where no bulk bag is indestructible or lasts forever, they are incredibly versatile and can be put through a tremendous amount of punishment before they wear down. It is highly unlikely that a bulk bag will rip or tear from the content it carries unless it is drastically overfilled.


Benefits to branding

When establishing an image as either environmentally friendly, efficient or in touch with the times, investing in items like bulk bags shows an organisation is in touch with the times. The industry is evolving and cultivating this progressive image is vitally important to a company should it wish to do business with other like-minded partners. Certain investments help this and bulk bags are one of them.


Additional Linked Products

Other products you may consider when purchasing bulk bags are:

  • Polythene liners
    Bulk bags can be made with a costed interior to ensure moisture or product doesn’t pass through the walls of the bulk bag. It be necessary on occasions to include a polythene liner inside the bulk bag to offer an extra layer of protection, or to keep the inside of the bulk bag clean if you wish to re-use it as a later date.
  • Polythene Covers

Polythene covers can be placed over the top of the bulk bag to keep the product clean or prevent water build up if stored outside. Read more..

  • Bulk Bag Stretch Bands
    Polythene stretch bands can be fastened around the base of a bulk bag, to hold a polythene cover onto the bulk bag. This allows easy removal of the cover and helps hold down the cover when stored outside, eliminating the needs for messy stick tape.