PolyCover Bulk Bags Range

PolyCover Ltd is a Blackpool based manufacturer of polythene bags, sheets and covers. Any passing visitor to their website would see how environmentally conscious they are as a company and this is reflected in their products. The company produces various different polythene products designed for packaging, storing and transporting a wide array of goods and items and have been doing so for over 20 years with many of their customers using them exclusively for their varied polythene related requirements.

One of the ranges they supply is their large selection of ‘Bulk Bags’, which come in various forms depending on what they are needed for. Bulk bags are an excellent way to pack, store and transport powdered, loose or granulated items to all industries. They are manufactured to suit the size that the customers specifically require and can be tailored and adapted on each purchase. Here is a breakdown of the Bulk Bag range and each products use:

 Anti Static Bulk Bags

These bulk bags are manufactured from cross grid electrostatic thread fabric which allows maximum static flow through the whole bag with ‘earthing’ or ‘grounding’ it in the process so it is safe for human touch. This helps discharge any electrical current running through the material and more importantly, any unwanted sparks that could be potentially hazardous (depending on the environment). Read more..

Food Grade and Pharmaceutical Bags

Pharmaceutical and food items are often stored and transported in bulk. There are bulk bags that are specifically designed for this purpose. To make sure their bulk bags are fit for this purpose Polycover manufacture their BRC approved bulk bags in what’s known as a ‘Clean Room’. This environment is highly sanitised and protected from outside contaminants, it also undergoes frequent and rigorous quality checks to make sure the product is of the highest possible quality. More info..

Baffle and Quad Bags

These types of bags are specifically designed to hold the bulk bags in their ‘square’ position, this is to make sure they can be used correctly and that the space is utilised evenly. The ‘baffles’ cross over each of the corners of the bag, holding in each side to prevent them from bulging. Each section of the bag is also hole punched, this allows the contents to flow into the corners, maintaining its stability. Click here..

Vented Bags

Polycover’s vented bags are made using a ‘ladder’ style fabric, which allows the air to flow through the contents of the bag whilst in storage or transit. The fabric creates just enough separation so the air can get through. For some materials this is essential for them to remain as they are intended when the reach their destination. As the ladder fabric is only subtle it doesn’t interfere with the bulk bags ability hold 1 tonne of content. Wood chippings, logs and small bits of timber are good examples of products that would benefit from vented bulk bags. Read more.

Conical Base Bags

As mentioned above some bulk bags need a system in place (at the point of manufacturing) that allows any content to be discharged easily when required. It also allows gravity to help with discharge. The panels at the bottom of the bag are slanted vertically allowing the content to be stored or transported with its eventual discharge in mind. Depending on the size of the conical base, discharge can be controlled and paced as the customer sees fit.

Naturally the conical bags tunnel at the bottom can be altered to reflect this. This style also helps larger solid items from getting stuck at the bottom or in the corners of the bag. See more..

Foil Lined Bulk Bags

Another example of a bulk bag taking advantage of multi layer technology, the foil lined bulk bags are designed to provide a moisture, oxygen and light barrier to help protect its contents from outside contaminants. Foil being attached to the lining of the bulk bags is the ideal solution to this and much of the contents inside can be stored indefinitely. Like the material on the other bulk bags the foil is subtle enough to not take up too much storage space away from the bags. Of course if more is required the bags can be altered and manufactured and tailored to specific requirements. More info here..