Bulk Bag Types

Bulk bags are a great way to pack, store and transport any powdered or granulated
product. They are manufactured to the size to suit your specific requirements or your
industry standard. We supply a wide range of styles and options to suit your needs. The
bags are made from 100% polypropylene, environmentally friendly and are recyclable.


Cross corner loops are designed to allow a FLT to drive through the loops, enabling one person handling.

helicopter bags

Single Point lift or helicopter bags have longer lifting loops to reduce the strain on the seams. Often used to get gravel to mountain paths and in steel works with cranes.


Standard side loops are the most commonly used. This style is used on a ‘H’ frame and suitable for FLT lift.

fertilizer bags

Fertilizer bag or single point lift bag are mainly used on farms to enable easy spreading, on docks for loading onto ships. Some docks will only use this style of bag.

tunnel lift style bags

Tunnel lift style bags are commonly used in the building trade (but not exclusively). They allow the FLT forks to slide through the loops for one person handling.