Baffle and Quad Bags

Baffle or Quad bags are designed to hold the bulk bags ‘square’, reducing the bulging by
up to 25%. The inner baffles cross over the corners of the bag, holding in the sides to
reduce bulge. Each baffle section is hole punched to allow product flow into the corners
which ensures stability for the bulk bag.

Additional options:

  • Coated or Uncoated fabric
  • Sift Proof Seams
  • Anti-static

Need to know:

  • Reduce space
  • Loads more stable on vehicles
  • More bags fit into containers for shipping
  • Reducing transport costs
  • Reduce warehousing space


  • Powder or granulated products
  • Food stuffs
  • Chemicals
  • Agricultural products
  • Pharmaceutical
baffle bags
baffle & quad bags