About Polycover

PolyCover Ltd is a UK manufacturer of polythene bags, sheets and covers.  We manufacture common products on our automatic machines like heavy duty carriers, mailer bags, compactor sacks and wicketted bags, but the more unusual shaped and extremely large items are produced on our hand fabrication section.

Our hand made options include unusually shaped items, die cut products such as carry handles with glue strip fastenings, spout liners, elasticated openings, bungee fastenings or rope fixtures which can be reinforced with brass or steel eyelets. We also supply polythene on the roll, any width up to 12 metres wide in any thickness up to 300 micron.

With over 20 years of technical experience, we can offer you free advice which could bring you huge savings.  With our ISO9001:2015 and BRC packaging certifications, we can offer quality assured products for industry or food use.

We specialise in very large covers, Gusseted bags and Gusseted Covers, Square ended bags (Block bottom liners and block bottom covers) with H shaped seal, mitre corner, conical bulk liners, shrink pallet covers, circular caps, centre fold sheets and many other types. These can all be supplied plain or printed, with or without elasticated edge on the opening.* Conversion formats for most items include wound on reels for easy tear off or folded into boxes. If its made from polythene then its likely we can supply it.

Our motto: Quality means building a customers point of view into every aspect of a product, from design to final recycling.

*The elasticated edge is ideal for quick application of the polythene cover without the need to use a secondary material to secure the bottom in place. Elasticated Polythene Covers are great for temporary protection of almost anything, they are quickly and easily applied or removed. Also available in breathable material for products such as Breathable Elasticated Pallet Covers or elasticated filters.

polythene sheets being delivered